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If we're going to be confined to our own home for the foreseeable future, We can still make a difference.


Help us support Medical Professionals

The Covid-19 crisis has been made exponentially worse with the shortage of protective medical equipment available to those caring for the sick. On 03-27-2020, we started a grassroots facebook campaign to raise money and use our 3D printer to print PPE medical protective shields. Within only a couple of hours, the campaign went viral and truly became both overwhelming and inspirational! We had thousands of dollars in donations in just the first few hours. 

Where do your Donations go?

100% of the proceeds will go towards:

Filament printing material

Clear  PVC plastic 

Elastic    bands 

3D Printers

Shipping material


Misc. tools

Our Plan

As soon as we noticed the community behind us, we started purchasing more printers, tools, and product to speed up capacity and delivery. Within our first week of operation, we'll have over 15 printers working out of our home 18 hours a day. We now have the ability to print and deliver over 100 PPE shields per day to doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals helping those battle the Covid-19 virus.


Our Story


Everyone in our family is involved! My wife has played a critical role in helping to build all of the printers, re-arrange our entire garage, help with communication, and most importantly keep our 4 and 8 year olds happy and healthy while being locked in the house 24/7. Our kids have also been involved in building the printers and writing messages of gratitude to include in our deliveries to healthcare workers. 

As for me... I'm trying to take as little credit for this initiative as possible. I run Intrepid Digital, a marketing consulting business working with large enterprise tech organizations. During this crisis, our revenue has dropped 95% and has meant that I have some extra time to invest in helping others with my expertise as both a marketing professional and an "extreme hobbyist". 

Your generosity means the world to us and will truly make a difference for these healthcare workers during this terrible crisis. 

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